Festivals & Events

Who are they?

Glastonbury, Boomtown (Area 404), Love Saves the Day, The Downs Festival, Red Fest, Drink Bristol Fashion, The Love Inn 

What did we do for them?

Branding, design, animation, photography, social content, merchandise

"Another Love Affair provide inspired design solutions and will anticipate your needs before you do. They are an above and beyond resource and a pleasure to work with."

Steve Symons, West Holts Stage Programmer, Glastonbury Festival

A bit of background

Meet you stage left yeah? Pre-event, during and post event we have designed, animated and illustrated for some of the UK's best known festivals and events. Plus we love going to them and seeing our work on stages and in big fields! 

Our Execution

Branding and designing for events and festivals means we have to make sure the work we are producing is fresh, current and engages the audience before they’ve even got there. We research current trends and styles before looking at our festival work each year. We love being able to bring a festival to life through illustration, design and animation. 

We have created iconic designs for West Holts, Glastonbury and Silver Hayes for the past 7 years and continue to work on all design collateral including branding, on-stage animations, posters, promotional material, clothing and wristbands.

Social content for ticket sales and line-up reveals are also a huge driver in engagement and pre-event sales, creating these for Festivals such as Love Saves the Day, The Downs Festival and Love International.

The Results

Whilst we can’t claim our designs and work help sell all the tickets, the iconic poster and branding work is seen by millions year-on-year and continues to stand out in a very crowded space.


We're continuing to work with some of the world’s leading festivals and understand what their audiences want to see, and how to promote them effectively.

"Team Love produce festivals for many different audiences and age groups, each time Another Love Affair have understood and delivered designs and animations that will resonate with them effectively."

Tom Paine - Team Love