Oowee Diner

Who are they?

Vegan fast food industry heavyweights

What did we do for them?

Branding, design


Deliveroo Best Restaurant 


Deliveroo Best Vegan 

"We fell in love with the brand created for Oowee by Another Love Affair. It has been key to our success and keeps evolving as we do. It has become iconic for our customers."

Verity Foss – Co-Founder – Oowee Burger


A bit of background

Since launching in 2016, the Oowee chains of fast food diners have cemented their reputation as the heroes of deliciously dirty burgers. Oowee Vegan was launched in London through Deliveroo and subsequently an Oowee Vegan diner was opened in Bristol in 2018. Serving up the filthiest of vegan burgers, Oowee prays on those vegans who don't always want to be strictly healthy. 

oowee shop.jpg

Our execution

Another Love Affair has been along for the Oowee ride since its inception having being tasked with creating a distinct brand identity and visual language that is reminiscent of a classic American style diner. 

As well as creating the iconic visual identities for all three Oowee offerings, Another Love Affair has been responsible for producing packaging, merchandise and store graphics that are simple, striking and instantly recognisable. 

The Results

Oowee has gone from strength-to-strength since it's launch and both co-founders Verity and Charlie are confident in saying that the brand created by Another Love Affair has been instrumental to their success.


With a following of over 55,000 users across Instagram alone, Oowee are now one of the most frequently ordered takeaways on Deliveroo and the go-to food for tackling even the most savage of hangovers.