Terra Mundo

Who are they?

A world first in immersive multi-sensory dining from House of Gastrophonic

What did we do for them?

Brand, social strategy, website, design, advertising

"The phrase “one stop shop” doesn’t even come close to what The Lovers provide. Sharp, intuitive, friendly and delivering above and beyond time after time."

Dave Crompton - House of Gastrophonic


A bit of background

Terra Mundo is a dining event unlike any other before it. As a world first in immersive dining, it’s all about frequencies and flavour. Working on the idea that everything has its own frequency - from sound, to colour, to flavour - and that these can be harnessed to work in synergy to bring you a multisensory dining experience which engages all of your senses, not just your tastebuds.


Another Love Affair was approached to bring the concept to life and we were responsible for all the branding, digital and social aspects to launch the event into the market with the objective to drive event pre-registrations and ultimately sales.

TM Case Study - Instagram Grid-02.jpg

Our execution

For such a unique experience we wanted to create a powerful campaign. Starting with the creation of a brand new website, we then rolled out the strong brand identity and messages across their new social channels and email templates. We developed the branding to ensure that it is premium as well as bold and exciting.


Launching with a playful teaser campaign on social, our content alluded to the sensory and frequency elements of the event, without giving too much away, to generate interest and intrigue and ultimately encourage event pre-registrations.


In addition to this, we sent emails out to our steadily building email database to keep them informed of the latest event updates, to continually build a strong relationship with prospect ticket buyers and continue to build the intrigue and hype around the event.

The results

The Terra Mundo brand is building momentum and has a positive and actively engaged following on social already, as well as a growing database. The brand is still evolving and growing and after the first shows are launched in the summer this year, we’re expecting it to grow exponentially so watch this space!