Meet the Lovers xxx

What a bunch of posers!

Yeah we hear you. Whilst we don't take ourselves as seriously as the picture above suggests, we do take our relationships with our clients seriously. 

Anyway back off… we were ripping off a pose from a classic 80s teen movie. Can you guess which one it is?


Chris Rees


I'm looking for that special brand who I can connect with and aesthetically please. I love to paint the town red (amongst other colours) and can always get the party started with bright and bold designs. Oh and I also have a dog - that's got to give me bonus points, right? Get in touch and let's make sparks fly!


Hamish McWhirter


I love building long-lasting, meaningful relationships and have no fear of commitment. I’m social, open-minded and a bit of a swinger… I’ll happily swing from creating sexy brand design and websites to seductive film, photography and animation. I'd love nothing more than for you to throw your briefs at me. Let’s talk.


Clem Crockett

Digital Marketing Manager

 I love Pina Coladas, getting caught in the rain and scrolling through social media. If you want to get my heart racing, just chat to me about the Facebook algorithm or retargeting people to make them convert (phwoar!) After over 10 years of working in marketing, I've had many flings with different campaign types but now I'm looking for something new - could you be the one for me?


Meg Pope

PR and Events

Nothing gets me going more than a good party, and with over 10 years events experience you know you can rely on me for a good time. Monogamy isn't my bag - instead I'm passionate about building multiple enduring relationships with like-minded people, including journalists, influencers, and the people you need on side to make sure your business is the name on everybody's lips.


Frankie Wallington

Queen of all

Experienced and sophisticated marketer with a seductive skill set including strategy, planning, content and SEO seeks passionate recreational brands for deep and meaningful relationship. If you're looking for a stable partner who you can rely on in all aspects of your marketing, I can tick all your boxes.



Head of Fluff

I'm not allowed to put my paws near the compooters and I don't know what this soshal meedia is that you hoomans talk about. But I do have a waggy tail and a go-getter attitude. I will always go and get the ball. And if you want me to help you eat your snacks or take you for a walk then I can do this. I also like naps.